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The weather service is projecting that hurricane earl which is currently out in the Atlantic is going to affect states up and down the East Coast of United States by this weekend. There is a lot twitter activity related to Hurricane Earl. Here’s a look at the Twitter activity on Google Maps from Eastern United […]

GeoEye has released this half-meter ground resolution satellite image taken on August 5th, 2010 from 423 miles in space, which shows a portion of Risalpur, located on the Kabul River in the Nowshera District in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province. The image was taken after Risalpur experienced historic flooding not seen since 1929. The image shows […]

FORBES recently published a list of world’s happiest countries. The scandinavian countries seem to be doing pretty good with Denmark being ranked #1 followed by Finland, Norway and Sweden. United States has been ranked #14 with 57% Thriving, 40% Struggling and 3% suffering. The list ranks 155 countries which have been Google Mapped here at […]

With US dealing with its worst environmental disaster in history (Gulf Oil Spill), news comes of Mid West’s worst environmental disaster. Now Michigan is dealing with Oil Spill. Yesterday a oil pipeline ruptured in the Kalamazoo area, sending about 870,000 gallons of oil into a creek in Kalamazoo county which is making its way into […]

Apple started selling iPhone4 yesterday. A lot of folks had lined up outside Apple Stores across United States hoping to be one of the lucky ones to get hold of their very own iPhone4. Now that some of those folks are the proud owners of iPhone4, they cannot stop letting the world know as to […]

The Gulf Oil Spill started with a explosion on April 20th and still has not stopped. Folks along the US Gulf Coast, Florida are worried as to what impact this will have on the region. Now there is talk that the gulf stream could carry the oil around the tip of Florida and up the […]