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Heavy rains in northwestern Pakistan during July has led to massive flooding which has claimed 1400+ lives and entire villages being washed away. More than 3 million people have been affected. The extent of the flooding can be seen from this image from NASA of the affected areas. The image on the left shows the […]

The Lake Delhi Dam in eastern Iowa failed on Saturday (7/24) as a result of “massive rain”. Approximately 10 inches of rain had fallen in a 12-hour period. The dam failure resulted in major flooding of nearby communities. CNN is reporting that as of late Saturday, water has started receding. (more at CNN). Here’s a […]

Flash Floods in southwestern Arkansas triggered by heavy rains claimed 16 lives at Albert Pike Recreational Area in Quachita National Forest. The campgrounds were packed with families from Texas and Louisiana who were vacationing. The tragedy took place at dead of night when most of the people were sleeping. The campgrounds are along the banks […]

This is my 1st attempt in using Google Earth API to show the ocean floor. Here I try to show the approximate location of the source of the oil leak. I have couple of buttons at the top. There is a “Look Around” button which when clicked will move the camera around. Then there is […]