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Joplin, Missouri got hit by a devastating Tornado yesterday which claimed upward of 89 lives and causing extensive damage. The tweets on this Google Earth mashup shows latest tweets tagged with “tornado” from within 700 miles radius from Joplin, Missouri. The map animates through latest tweets tagged with keyword “tornado”.

This is my 1st attempt in mapping Tweets in Google Earth. The tweets on this Google Earth mashup shows latest tweets tagged with “tornado” from southern United States. The map animates through latest tweets tagged with keyword “tornado”.

Wanted to share this image of devastation in The Rosedale Court housing community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama caused by a deadly tornado on April 28th, 2011. Compare this with the pre-tornado image of the same location in Google Earth. Wow!! (image grab via Huffington Post) (image grab from Google Earth) (Google Maps Link)

The weather service is projecting that hurricane earl which is currently out in the Atlantic is going to affect states up and down the East Coast of United States by this weekend. There is a lot twitter activity related to Hurricane Earl. Here’s a look at the Twitter activity on Google Maps from Eastern United […]

The Lake Delhi Dam in eastern Iowa failed on Saturday (7/24) as a result of “massive rain”. Approximately 10 inches of rain had fallen in a 12-hour period. The dam failure resulted in major flooding of nearby communities. CNN is reporting that as of late Saturday, water has started receding. (more at CNN). Here’s a […]

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With snow falling in Florida Panhandle yesterday, Florida became the 49th state to have snow on the ground as of yesterday evening. Hawaii being the only state not having any snow. This map from National weather service shows that 2/3rd of United States had snow on the ground as of 12.01 AM on Friday. With […]

Google Maps View of Hurricane IKE: View Larger MapRelated:Track Hurricane IKE in Google EarthHurricane IKE – Twitter Chatter + YouTube Videos

Google LatLong Blog reports that Google Earth has been updated with Weather Layer. In the layers panel you will now see a “Weather” Folder which has 3 sub layers (“Clouds,” “Radar,” and “Conditions and Forecasts”). Here’s a image from Google Earth showing Cloud cover over Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Indiana, Ohio.

Here’s couple of Google Maps Mashup which shows you real time Michigan Weather. Michigan WeatherSoutheastern MI Weather (No Plymouth?) thanks to Mike Pegg of GoogleMapsMania for the tip. Related: For Latest News, Weather, Traffic and much more from any zip code in United States click here.