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Guess what, only 23% of the Oklahoma High School Students can answer that question (via Daily Kos). This was also reported by CNN. Reading the Daily Kos article, I remembered the Google Maps Mashup I had created couple of years ago which lists all the US Presidents (including their spouses). This could be a very […]

All the US Presidents

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Couple of years back I had created a Google Maps Mashup of United States Presidents from George Washington to George Bush. I have modified it now include Barack Obama. This mashup also includes information on spouse(s). Here it is:

Going through my website Traffic stats I noticed that there were quite a few TV Stations which have embedded my Obama, Mccain, Biden and Palin Journey of Life maps on Google Maps. Here are some of the TV Stations: WILX – TV Lansing, MI WRDW.COM – Augusta, GA NBC – Madison, Wisconsin WOWT (NBC) – […]

Google has put together a “Election Tools for Educators” page for classroom teachers to engage students in exploring the candidates and issues before they cast their votes in the National Student/Parent Mock Election which is set to take place on October 30th, 2008. Tools for Classroom page also includes 4 of my “Journey of Life” […]

Who is Sarah Palin?

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Sarah Palin the governor of Alaska has been picked by John McCain to be his Vice Presidential running mate. But who is Sarah Palin? Here’s a look at Sarah Palin’s life on Google Maps (source Wikipedia) from her birth place in Sand Point, Idaho to Dick Cheney’s House at Number One Observatory Circle, Washington D.C. […]

For the 1st Time in United States History a United States President’s Birth place would not be in lower 48 states. Take a look at this Google Maps Mashup I had put together a while ago which shows birthplaces of United States President. All the markers are in lower 48 states. This will change on […]

Happy Presidents Day

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Today February 18th is the Presidents Day here in United States. For those who do not know who was our 1st President or who our current President is, here’s some help, a Google Maps Mashup showing the birth places of all the United States Presidents (including their spouses) and some other interesting information. I had […]