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On the occasion of Australia Day on January 26th Google is planning to take aerial photos of Sydney. So here’s your chance to make a spectacle of yourself, dress up like WALDO. The Google Plane is scheduled to fly over the Sydney Opera House around 12.30pm (source: GoogleMapsMania) Google Maps view of Sydney Opera House

Here’s a Google Maps Mashup of America’s Highest Paid College Presidents as reported by CNN Money.

This January 26th India celebrates its 58th Republic Day. Which city in India do you think the official Republic Day Parade (Army and Cultural Parade) is held. A. Mumbai B. New Delhi C. Kolkata D. Chennai (view the answer on Google Maps along with India Poised video)

What city is hailed as the Toilet Paper Capital? A. Green Bay, Wisconsin B. Watertown, Massachuesetts C. Topeka, Kansas D. Flushing, New York (view the answer on Google Maps) Source (MSN Encarta)

CNN is reporting The Arctic town of Kiruna (Google Maps View), Sweden’s northernmost municipality, is under threat as cracks caused by decades of iron ore mining slowly erode its foundations. So two years ago the municipal council decided to move more than half of the town from the shadow of Kiirunavaara mountain, site of the […]

A 9 year old manages to get on board a Southwest flight from Seattle-Tacoma to Phoenix with a boarding pass which he found. He again bypasses security at Phoenix to board a Southwest flight to San Antonio. (GoogleMapping his journey). He is finally arrested in San Antonio before he is about to board a flight […]

Here’s wishing a happy 65th birthday to Muhammad Ali, boxing’s all time great.(Google Maps View of the Location where Muhammad Ali grew up in Louisville, KY) Links:wikipediaTime 100Today’s Detroit News

India launched (on January 10th, 2007) a 44.4-metre tall four-stage Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) into space which for the 1st time carried 4 satellites. (Google Maps view of the Launch site at Sriharikota, India) Quoting Times of India The four satellites are — Indigenous 680-kg Cartosat-2, 550-kg space capsule recovery experiment (SRE), 56-kg Lapan-Tubsat, […]

Street level mapping for India which was previously available at maps.google.com is now available to developers via Google Maps API. Found this out this morning while updating my “India Sights” Google Maps page at mibazaar.

Martin Luther King Jr. one of the great leaders of American Civil Rights Movement was born on January 15th, 1929. Google Maps View of his birthplace (501 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312) Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated on April 4th 1968 at Lorraine Motel, Memphis, TN. (Google Maps View)