This page is a Weblog of the Google Maps Mashups I have created and other interesting mashups I have found on the web

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I have decided to blog about my Google Maps/Earth Mashup related content at my personal site –> Virender Ajmani (http://www.virenderajmani.com). The mashups created by me though will still be hosted on this domain (mibazaar.com) for the time being.

I just noticed that there is a 3D model of Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout in Google Earth. So wanted to share this with my readers. I created a video of the fly in to the Osama’s Hideout. Here it is:

Test post from WordPress for iPhone

A gaping sinkhole opened up in Guatemala City after Tropical Storm Agatha hit Central America this past weekend. This sinkhole was so huge that it swallowed a three-story building. According to some estimates the sinkhole is about 200 feet deep. (more info at ABC News site) Here’s a look at the location of Guatemala City’s […]

I have moved my blog to a new address. Its now at blog.mibazaar.com and is a WordPress driven Blog. After over 4 years of Blogger driven Blog, I had to switch because I was one of the .5% of Blogger users who was using Blogger’s FTP feature, and Blogger decided to turn off the FTP […]

Google Maps Mania: Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

Here are couple of cool Google Maps Mashups which tests your World Geography Knowledge World Geography Quiz: This quote from the website: You’ll be asked for the locations of various randomly selected national capitals and cities with a population over 100K. Pan and zoom (with the left mouse button and the on-map controls) then drag […]

I came across an excellent post at OgleEarth. It talks about the National Geographic article which highlights illegal poaching of Chad’s Elephants and also tracks Annie the elephant who carried a GPS collar. (Check out Annie’s Journey and its sad ending on Google Maps) Quoting from OgleEarth The KMZ file contains a wealth of geospatial […]

Soar into the skies like a bald eagle with this excellent Google Maps Mashup (via). You can choose which city you want soar over. Try it out. Wow what a Mashup. Great Job!!

Happy Flag Day Canada

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Today February 15th is Flag Day in Canada. Here’s a quiz. The adjacent image is a Google Maps view of a Canadian City. There is a maple leaf in it. Which Canadian City do you think this is? A. Ottawa B. Montreal C. Windsor D. Toronto