This page is a Weblog of the Google Maps Mashups I have created and other interesting mashups I have found on the web

Browsing Posts in Twitter

Google Maps Mashup of swear words on twitter. And here’s a Google Maps Mashup of folks who are either drunk or upset with others who are drunk.

The Outrage over AIG bonuses continue and now bunch of media outlets have published names of politicians who have received campaign contributions from AIG. One of the sites I looked at was Opensecrets.org. So I have taken the data from opensecrets.org and mapped it out on Google Maps. The map shows home locations of politicians […]

November, 2008 saw job losses upwards of 533,000 which was the worst in 34 years. According to the labor department unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent last month which is the highest reading since 1993. That is terrible and that too so close to the holidays. Twitter is one of the places to find out […]

So what do folks on Twitter have to say about “Auto Bailout”. I have pulled in tweets from North America as it relates to “Auto Bailout” and in addition I have mapped it to their profile location on Google Maps.

Here’s a quick mashup I put together of Twitter Tweets as it relates to Mumbai Terror Attacks along with Google Maps + YouTube video. It shows on Google Maps where in the world people are twittering on Mumbai Terror Attacks. It also shows the latest YouTube videos.

Motrin came out with a ad targeting babywearing moms with something like “We feel your pain”. This did not go well with Moms. Makes you wonder who they consulted before coming up with this ad. Moms are angry with MOTRIN and they have taken to Twitter and YouTube to express their displeasure. Result: As of […]

Southern California has been hit by wildfires which were driven by hurricane-strength winds. Lot of folks have lost homes. Other then CNN and other media outlets how does one get information as to what is happening on the ground there in Southern California? Twitter is a great tool to get a feel of what the […]