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Ever since Israel raided a flotilla carrying aid to GAZA, there has been a lot of reaction, protests from different regions. One such means by which folks are protesting is via Twitter. This Google Map which I created looks at some of the reaction in Twitter. The Tweets shown on this map are from Middle […]

A Massive Earthquake (8.8) hits Chile this morning. Twitter activity from region is just now picking up. Here’s a Map (Google Maps) I put together which grabs tweets from Santiago and 1500 miles out and plots it on Google Maps.

First there was “Layar” a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser and now comes a new Augmented Reality App for iPhone – “Twitter 360” – which helps you to visualize your Twitter Friends. Cool.. (via GoogleMapsMania) When you look through your iPhone camera with Twitter 360 you can view information windows superimposed on the screen showing the […]

CNN is reporting that President Obama has declared H1N1 emergency which made me go back to my swine flu Google Map and see how folks are reacting to this on twitter. Here’s a screen shot. You can click on different regions mentioned on the left hand side of the map and see the reaction from […]

Happy Diwali to everyone. Here’s a look at “Happy Diwali” Tweets mapped out on Google Maps.

London’s self-styled party princess Zoe Griffin relaunched her website which now has a Google Map which shows her latest tweets. The map animates through Zoe’s latest messages on Twitter. The information windows for each Tweet include forward and back buttons, so it is also possible to manually navigate through the messages. BTW if you want […]

Tweet your Senator is a Google Maps Mashup which plots your Tweet on Google Maps. This mashup a feature of BarackObama.com was launched in late July. (via Mashable) To use it, you enter your zip code and the mashup will create a pre-populated tweet which is targeted for a Senator from your State. Even though […]

Commercial jets (ok not the jets but the airlines) are now Tweeting. Lufthansa has set up a new service called MySkyStatus which automatically posts the current position of your flight to Twitter (via). The service supposedly updates your twitter status with your flight location. I put together this quick Google Maps Mashup which shows these […]

NFL Players Tweeting

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Mashable has a post titled “Football Tweets: 20 Must-Follow NFL Players on Twitter”. I have taken this list and mashed up the last 10 tweets of each of these players with Google Maps. Just a couple of them have their location geotagged while Reggie Bush of New Orleans Saints has his location as “The Best […]

Twitter announced today that it will release a new API that will allow developers to add latitude and longitude to any tweet (via Google Maps Mania and Programmable Web) This is interesting because just last week I created a Google Maps Mashup of users last X number of tweets. While looking at the Twitter API […]