This page is a Weblog of the Google Maps Mashups I have created and other interesting mashups I have found on the web

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Cross Posted from my personal site Virender Ajmani Check out this Google Maps Mashup I created which looks at Twitter mentions from across United States of Detroit Area Companies. The Detroit Area Companies which I added in this mashup are GM, Ford, Chrysler, Onstar, Compuware, Quicken Loans, Detroit Edison, Consumers Energy, Dominos Pizza, Little Caesars.  […]

Syria has been in the news a lot lately.. with civilian deaths resulting from Syrian uprising being reported on a daily basis. So what are people tweeting about situation in Syria?. Here’s a look at tweets on Google Maps from within 400 miles radius of Damascus, Syria. The map animates between tweets after every 4-5 […]

#SOPA Tweets Mapped!!

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Its a SOPA protest day here in United States. There are bunch of sites which have joined the protest. Among the sites protesting SOPA legislation is Wikipedia and Google. There is a quite a bit of noise on Twitter about the ongoing SOPA protests. Take a look at this Google Maps Mashup of SOPA Tweets […]

Kim Jong, the North Korean Leader died on Saturday. News of this death was announced to the world today. Ever since the announcement twitter has been abuzz about Kim Jong’s death. Here’s a look at Kim Jong tweets from around the world on Google Maps. Click on the radio buttons on the left of the […]

Happy Diwali to everyone. Here’s a look at “Happy Diwali” Tweets from India, Eastern/Western US and Europe mapped out on Google Maps. The Map animates thru the tweets after every 5-7 seconds.

Was reading CNN.com this morning and saw reports on violence in Rome, Italy related to Occupy Protests. Occupy Protests now have gone global. One way to look at these protests is to look at tweets from different regions tagged with #occupy. That is exactly what I have done with Occupy Protests Tweet Map. It maps […]

RIP – Steve Jobs… Tweets from around the World Mapped!!

Millions of lives are at stake in the drought and famine in East Africa. The UN also declared an emergency humanitarian crisis throughout the Horn of Africa. So how is the world reacting? To find out I turned to Twitter to see who is tweeting about famine in Africa. I have mapped out the tweets […]

Twitter is abuzz with what’s happening in New Delhi related to Indian Social Activist Anna Hazare’s arrest who was about to start a hunger-strike demanding action against corruption/blackmoney. Here’s a Twitter Map I created which captures some of the anger, reaction related to this arrest. This map pulls in tweets from in and around New […]

England Riots have been in the news for past couple of days. BBC is reporting that disorder has spread from London to Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol. One way to gauge what is happening out there in the streets… is to follow tweets from the area. Check out this Google Maps Mashup I created of […]