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Airport Tweets

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For past couple of days I have been looking at tweets from some of the airports. Its really fascinating to see these tweets. You get varied reactions in these tweets. Some folks are just plain happy to have landed back on home turf whereas some are not happy at flight delays. Check out this Google […]

Joplin, Missouri got hit by a devastating Tornado yesterday which claimed upward of 89 lives and causing extensive damage. The tweets on this Google Earth mashup shows latest tweets tagged with “tornado” from within 700 miles radius from Joplin, Missouri. The map animates through latest tweets tagged with keyword “tornado”.

This is my 1st attempt in mapping Tweets in Google Earth. The tweets on this Google Earth mashup shows latest tweets tagged with “tornado” from southern United States. The map animates through latest tweets tagged with keyword “tornado”.

World Cup Cricket 2011 starts in India tomorrow Saturday February 19th. The opening game is between host countries India and Bangladesh at Sher-E-Bangla Cricket Stadium in Mirpur, Bangladesh (Google Maps View). Millions of fans will be glued to TV to watch these games as cricket is kind of a religion in the sub-continent. Twitter is […]

The Icelandic volcanic ash cloud has caused major travel disruption across the globe. Twitter is a great tool to gauge traveler reaction and other travel conditions at airports around the world. I put together a Google Maps Mashup of tweets related to “Volcano+Ash” from Europe and North Eastern US. The map animates through each of […]

iPads have started arriving today across United States. So who is having their new iPad delivered today? Here’s a map I put together which shows happy…excited.. folks who got their new iPad today and are tweeting about it. The map moves on to next tweet location after 5 seconds. I have split the tweets up […]

I did not hear about Swami Nithyananda up until yesterday. Now a lot of people know about Swami all over the world after news came out from India about Swami’s sex tape with a Tamil Actress. There is a lot of Twitter activity from India related to #nithyananda and some of it is hilarious. I […]

Tiger Woods and his women are in the news a whole lot these days. There is also tons of tweets related to the Tiger Woods Saga. So where are these tweets coming in from. Its not just the US, but also Europe, India and elsewhere. I have created a Google Maps View of these tweets […]

One year ago today, Mumbai, India was attacked by terrorists which claimed 200+ lives. Today folks from India and overseas are paying tribute via Tweets, Blogs. Here’s a Google Maps look at some of the tweets. You can also embed this Mumbai Terror Tweet Tribute Map in Google Wave via this URL – > http://www.mibazaar.com/terrorinmumbai_wave.xml.

CNN is reporting that President Obama has declared H1N1 emergency which made me go back to my swine flu Google Map and see how folks are reacting to this on twitter. Here’s a screen shot. You can click on different regions mentioned on the left hand side of the map and see the reaction from […]