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Mumbai, India was struck by a series of blasts today which resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. There were 3 separate blasts. I have compiled the list of bomb blast locations from various media sources and mapped them out. Here’s a look at those locations in Google Earth (uploaded to YouTube).

I put together this map which plots Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Detroit, MI. On Christmas Day 2009 Umar failed in his attempt to blow up a Northwest Jet on its final approach to Detroit. The map animates through early years of Umar’s life and ends with the safe landing of Northwest […]

One year ago today, Mumbai, India was attacked by terrorists which claimed 200+ lives. Today folks from India and overseas are paying tribute via Tweets, Blogs. Here’s a Google Maps look at some of the tweets. You can also embed this Mumbai Terror Tweet Tribute Map in Google Wave via this URL – > http://www.mibazaar.com/terrorinmumbai_wave.xml.

Here’s a quick Google Maps Mashup I put together of GeoTagged YouTube videos as it relates to Mumbai Terror Terror Attacks. Click on the arrows on upper right to go forward or back to view videos.

Here’s a quick mashup I put together of Twitter Tweets as it relates to Mumbai Terror Attacks along with Google Maps + YouTube video. It shows on Google Maps where in the world people are twittering on Mumbai Terror Attacks. It also shows the latest YouTube videos.