This page is a Weblog of the Google Maps Mashups I have created and other interesting mashups I have found on the web

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Now that the kids are out of school for summer, parents should have their child take a look at PlaceSpotting.com. Placespotting is a cool Google Maps Mashup game/quiz which is about finding places on a Google map. Recently placespotting.com has reached a milestone of 100,000 solved quizzes on their site which is quite an achievement. […]

Placespotting is a cool Google Maps Mashup which is about finding places on a Google map. You get a picture of a place somewhere on earth and have to find this place on a movable Google map. You can also create new “map-riddles” for your friends. The game started in Switzerland and has already more […]

Here are couple of cool Google Maps Mashups which tests your World Geography Knowledge World Geography Quiz: This quote from the website: You’ll be asked for the locations of various randomly selected national capitals and cities with a population over 100K. Pan and zoom (with the left mouse button and the on-map controls) then drag […]

A Decade ago today (March 3rd 1997) construction was completed on Sky Tower, considered to be Southern Hemisphere’s tallest free standing structure at 328 meters. Where do you think this structure is located? A. Sydney, Australia B. Christ Church, New Zealand C. Melbourne, Australia D. Auckland, New Zealand (View the answer in Google Maps)