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Heavy rains in northwestern Pakistan during July has led to massive flooding which has claimed 1400+ lives and entire villages being washed away. More than 3 million people have been affected. The extent of the flooding can be seen from this image from NASA of the affected areas. The image on the left shows the […]

On Wednesday July 22nd, 2009 there is going to be a total eclipse of the Sun. But it is going to be only visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. From NASA: It begins in India and crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. After leaving mainland Asia, the path […]

The Kosi river, a tributary of the Ganges in the Indian State of Bihar did something earth shattering this monsoon season. It burst through its banks to flow into a channel it had abandoned more than 200 years ago. The flooded channel swept over a region not accustomed to flooding and forced more than a […]

Cyclone Sidr

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A Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Sidr, battered Bangladesh with wind speeds of up to 250 km/h, with gusts of 305 km/h. BBC is reporting that scores have died as the cyclone roared through Bangladesh Officials have warned that the death toll could rise and that the extent of the damage is still unclear. Here is […]

Image shown below from NASA Earth Observatory was taken on August 3rd. Quote from their website: On August 3, the Ganges, Gandak, and Kosi Rivers were so swollen that it was hard to see exactly where the rivers normally flow. The tributaries that feed the Kosi River, not even visible on June 4, have combined […]