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Mumbai, India was struck by a series of blasts today which resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. There were 3 separate blasts. I have compiled the list of bomb blast locations from various media sources and mapped them out. Here’s a look at those locations in Google Earth (uploaded to YouTube).

One year ago today, Mumbai, India was attacked by terrorists which claimed 200+ lives. Today folks from India and overseas are paying tribute via Tweets, Blogs. Here’s a Google Maps look at some of the tweets. You can also embed this Mumbai Terror Tweet Tribute Map in Google Wave via this URL – > http://www.mibazaar.com/terrorinmumbai_wave.xml.

Here’s a quick Google Maps Mashup I put together of GeoTagged YouTube videos as it relates to Mumbai Terror Terror Attacks. Click on the arrows on upper right to go forward or back to view videos.

Here’s a quick mashup I put together of Twitter Tweets as it relates to Mumbai Terror Attacks along with Google Maps + YouTube video. It shows on Google Maps where in the world people are twittering on Mumbai Terror Attacks. It also shows the latest YouTube videos.

Mumbai, India recieved 37.2 inches of rain in a 24 hour period on July 26th, 2005. This was followed by another 22.6 inches of rain the next day. Most places don’t even get this much rain in a year. Human tragedy as a result – (233 from drowning, 120 from landslide, 24 from stampede, 126 […]