This page is a Weblog of the Google Maps Mashups I have created and other interesting mashups I have found on the web

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Check out my latest map “Whitney Houston’s journey of Life” on Google Maps. This map animates thru events in Whitney Houston’s life, from birth, school, grammy awards, super bowl appearance, concert at Norfolk Virginia for troops returning from Persian Gulf, and then her untimely death at Beverley Hills, California. You can disable the autoplay mode […]

A year ago today Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. At the time I had Google Mapped his journey which began from his birth place in Honolulu, Hawaii to White House. Here it is: (If you would like to embed this in your website, I have provided […]

Here’s Michael Jackson bio map which I created which shows important stages in Michael Jackson’s life and also has couple of YouTube videos. The map automatically animates, in chronological order, through the map markers. You can however pause the auto play feature by clicking on “Pause Auto Play” or just by clicking on forward, back […]

Rajeev Motwani a professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, was a brilliant young man who died in a accident at his home in Atherton, California on June 5th. From Wikipedia: Motwani was one of the co-authors (with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Terry Winograd) of an influential early paper on the PageRank algorithm, […]

Going through my website Traffic stats I noticed that there were quite a few TV Stations which have embedded my Obama, Mccain, Biden and Palin Journey of Life maps on Google Maps. Here are some of the TV Stations: WILX – TV Lansing, MI WRDW.COM – Augusta, GA NBC – Madison, Wisconsin WOWT (NBC) – […]

Google has put together a “Election Tools for Educators” page for classroom teachers to engage students in exploring the candidates and issues before they cast their votes in the National Student/Parent Mock Election which is set to take place on October 30th, 2008. Tools for Classroom page also includes 4 of my “Journey of Life” […]

(Update: The mashups in this post covered at Google Maps Mania today. Thanks to Keir Clarke and Mike Pegg)Couple of months back I had traced Barack Obama’s journey on Google Maps from his birth place (Honolulu, Hawaii) to possibly the White House. Now I have done a similar Google Maps Mashup of John McCain’s Journey […]