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A reminder that now you can view Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin Journey Maps as a Google Gadget or a Google Maps Mapplet. Here are the links: (Note: To stop the autoplay feature click on either the forward or back arrows) Gadgets for your website: Barack Obama’s Journey John McCain’s Journey Joe Biden’s Journey Sarah […]

Did you watch Saturday Night Live? It was hilarious. Tina Fey looks so much like Sarah Palin. Last I checked on Twitter there were lot of folks talking about SNL. Check out who and from where folks are talking about Sarah Palin and Lipsticks and Saturday Night Live and other Presidential Candidates in this Mashup […]

Who is Sarah Palin?

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Sarah Palin the governor of Alaska has been picked by John McCain to be his Vice Presidential running mate. But who is Sarah Palin? Here’s a look at Sarah Palin’s life on Google Maps (source Wikipedia) from her birth place in Sand Point, Idaho to Dick Cheney’s House at Number One Observatory Circle, Washington D.C. […]

I wonder if the VP selection committee at both Obama and McCain campaigns, have made use of Google Trends to help them narrow the list of candidates. I have put together a Google Maps Mashup of Google Trends + Possible VP Candidates which might provide some help. This mashup shows the top 10 cities in […]


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This is Great!!. Just noticed a huge spike in traffic from maps.google.com and the reason is that they not only have a link to “Elections ’08 Gallery” which has 2 of my maps (OBama and McCain “Journey of Life”), it also has under the “Browse Popular Maps”, my “New 7 Wonders of the World Google […]

(Update: The mashups in this post covered at Google Maps Mania today. Thanks to Keir Clarke and Mike Pegg)Couple of months back I had traced Barack Obama’s journey on Google Maps from his birth place (Honolulu, Hawaii) to possibly the White House. Now I have done a similar Google Maps Mashup of John McCain’s Journey […]