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Last week I created my 1st iPhone App on my own personal time. Since location and maps is always on my mind, this idea came to my mind that wouldn’t it be nice if your hand held device would be able to display the latest news from your current location (wherever in the world you […]

Apple started selling iPhone4 yesterday. A lot of folks had lined up outside Apple Stores across United States hoping to be one of the lucky ones to get hold of their very own iPhone4. Now that some of those folks are the proud owners of iPhone4, they cannot stop letting the world know as to […]

First there was “Layar” a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser and now comes a new Augmented Reality App for iPhone – “Twitter 360” – which helps you to visualize your Twitter Friends. Cool.. (via GoogleMapsMania) When you look through your iPhone camera with Twitter 360 you can view information windows superimposed on the screen showing the […]

placeSpotting.com a popular “Google Map Quiz” mashup now has a version for your iPhone. Now you can test your knowledge of geograpic locations and landmarks “on the go”. You can test it on iPhone. The quiz on the iPhone will provide you with hints and then you try to match the image with the map […]

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This is simply amazing!. Check this video out which shows a car being locked, unlocked, engines turned on, engines turned off from anywhere in the world from your iPod touch or iPhone. The car has 3G internet connection and the iPod touch is connected to the internet via Wi-fi. The iPod touch has a Google […]

iPhone version 2.2 is out there now. And with it comes a great new feature: Google Maps Street View. (more info at Google Lat Long Blog) Check this screenshot of Golden Gate Bridge: Awesome!!

my accent might be a problem. After numerous tries with “Pizza” I get this:

Google Earth for IPhone

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Stephen Shankland reports in CNET that Google has dived headlong onto Apple’s highly regarded mobile phone with a full-fledge application, a handheld version of its Google Earth geographical software. I just downloaded it. It is awesome!!. I just took a screen capture of Mt. Everest shown on the right. Some of the coolest feature (quoting […]

IPHONE 3G is all set to be released on July 11th, 2008. Here’s the Worldwide pricing of IPHONE 3G shown on Google Maps. This was created using “My Maps“. I have turned the collaboration feature on so if prices shown is different in your country then what is shown then please do update the map. […]