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Millions of people from the Carolinas to New England in Eastern United States are getting ready for Hurricane Irene. So what are they saying on Twitter and from where. Here’s a look at some of the tweets in Google Earth. The tweets are being shown from within 700 miles radius from New York City. The […]

“Extremely Dangerous” – that’ what a majority of news outlets are reporting about Hurricane Gustav. Latest reports on Hurricane Gustav is that it is now a Category 4 storm with wind speeds up to 145 miles. Here’s a look at the storm track + YouTube videos (tagged with “Hurricane Gustav”) on Google Maps. more on […]

After making its first U.S. landfall Monday afternoon over Key West, Florida; Tropical Storm Fay made its second landfall near Cape Romano, Florida (Google Maps View) on Tuesday morning at about 4:45am ET. A tropical storm warning is in effect for the Florida Keys and the majority of Florida’s Atlantic coast. All hurricane warnings have […]