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Here’s a summary of recently added Google Maps Mashups at MIBAZAAR.COM Barack OBama’s journey on Google Maps (from his birthplace in Honolulu, HI to possibly the White House) (with AUTOPLAY Feature) FORTUNE’S 10 Fascinating Googlers (with AUTOPLAY Feature) FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to work for in 2008 FORBES list of Real Estate Celebrity Losers (with […]

Time Magazine has a list out there titled “Fond Farewell” which lists people who left us in 2007. Check out the Google Maps View of Time’s List which shows the birth places of people who left us.

Happy Holidays!!

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Happy Holidays! from MIBAZAAR. On this occasion I have created a Google Maps Mashup of Towns/Cities in United States with Christmas or Holiday Season Names.

Ever wondered how much you are contributing to Global Warming when you take that flight to see a loved one, attend a business meeting? TerraPass has created a Google Maps Mashup to show you how much CO2 your flying puts in the air. Just key in your Departure Airport and Arrival Airport and the mashup […]

Los Angeles resident Dave Bullock has created a Google Maps Mashup which shows the locations of current television, film and commercial shoots on the streets of Los Angeles. This mashup in addition to providing info to Los Angeles residents about where film shoots are taking place is also proving to be a handy tool for […]

Yesterday it was WIKIPEDIAVISION and today there is another killer mashup to report. It is ASK500People. What is this mashup about?. Quoting the authors We built Ask500People to gather input and opinion data in minutes instead of days, and to create a platform that other applications can integrate. Here is how it works. You pose […]

WikipediaVision is a cool Google Maps Mashup which shows you where on earth WIKIPEDIA articles are being updated from. Check it out. This one is a A+. (Warning: This Google Maps Mashup might be addictive).

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a Google Maps View of World’s Creepiest Places. The list includes: Bhangarh, India. Quoting Concierge.com Legend has it that after a convoluted series of events involving a princess and a jar of enchanted oil, a massacre occurred and the town was never repopulated. Mütter Museum, Philadelphia. Quoting Concierge.com From […]

Forbes has just published (10/26/2007) a list of America’s Most Expensive Cemeteries. Hmm! Interesting why they chose late October to publish this list. (Check out the Google Maps View of “America’s Most Expensive Cemeteries”) Burial costs in these cemeteries run into thousands of dollars. Quoting FORBES: Don’t expect prices to come down. Though technically real […]

The most expensive Zip Code in United States according to Forbes is Alpine, NJ where 2006 Median Sale Price of Home was $3,400,000. Who is ranked 100? It is Danville, CA where the 2006 Median Sale Price was $1,005,500. Here’s a Google Maps View of Forbes 100 most expensive zip codes with a link (inside […]