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Here’s Google Maps View of Women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (source Fortune). Also a Google Maps View of Gender Pay Gap in America. I found this in the May 7th, 2007 Issue of Time Magazine (page 20). Louisiana had the highest pay disparity. (A College Educated women would earn 64% of what the male […]

Chernobyl disaster – the world’s worst accident ever in the history of nuclear power, occured today April 26th, 1986. (more at wikipedia) Google Maps View of Chernobyl accident location: Related: Some incredible pictures (found in the comments for this post)

Google Maps view of Baseball’s most valuable teams as mentioned in FORBES

April 15th. 1865 – Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot the previous evening by John Wilkes Booth at the Ford Theater, Washington DC (Google Maps View) April 16th, 1947 – Texas City Disaster: An explosion on board a freighter in port causes the city of Texas City, Texas, (Google Maps View) to catch fire, killing […]

Passengers from a British Airways flight to London, UK were offloaded at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (Google Maps View) as the Airline crew felt that it did not have enough rest. So after a 13 hour delay which gave ample time for the British Airways Flight crew to rest the passengers were on […]

A gunman walked into (04/16/2007) a dorm and then into a classroom at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA) and killed 32 people in what is now the Deadliest shooting rampage in US History. (more at CNN, CBS, BBC) (Note: The shooting Monday at Virginia Tech occurs in the same week, eight years ago, as the shooting […]

Oklahoma city (Google Maps View) gets the distinction of being named the fast food capital of America for 2007. (Source CNN) Quoting CNN: What’s behind Oklahoma City’s propensity to purchase Big Macs? For starters, Oklahoma City ranked No. 15 in the latest survey of “America’s Fattest Cities” by Men’s Fitness magazine, which based its results […]

Passenger to Air Hostess on a SouthWest Flight 1187 to Machester, NH (Google Maps View): “Hello Miss why is this aircraft not landing, what’s the problem”. Now how would you react if the Air Hostess replies “Sir, the Air Traffic Controller at Manchester, NH is on a potty break. As soon as he is done […]

Sanjaya Malakar moves in to top 7 of American Idol. Haley Scarnato was voted out. Here’s Google Maps view of Sanjaya Malakar and the rest of the American Idol Contestants.