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Mississippi tops the list of being the “most obese” state in United States with 33.8% of its adult population being obese. The least obese (healthiest) is Colorado with 19.1% of the adult population being obese. The obesity and other health risk factors are listed in the latest report titled “F as in Fat: HOW OBESITY […]

(cross posted from Michigan Indian Community Blog) Bollywood stars have a huge following in Twitter. Some of the stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra have over 400K followers. Its fascinating to read some of the tweets from these fans. These tweets range from “I miss you” to something like “You will make my […]

Apple started selling iPhone4 yesterday. A lot of folks had lined up outside Apple Stores across United States hoping to be one of the lucky ones to get hold of their very own iPhone4. Now that some of those folks are the proud owners of iPhone4, they cannot stop letting the world know as to […]

So which are the popular Google Products and how do you find out. For me of course its Google Maps and Google Earth but what does Google think about which Google Products are popular? Yay! they agree with me!! and here’s the proof. On Google’s home page type in “Google ” and then click “Google […]

Here’s a nice idea which interestingly surfaces around April 1st. Say you want to send a paper mail to someone but are lazy enough to print it out. Not to worry because if Google ever embraces this concept then all you would have to do is type your letter in GMAIL and then click the […]

A Massive Earthquake (8.8) hits Chile this morning. Twitter activity from region is just now picking up. Here’s a Map (Google Maps) I put together which grabs tweets from Santiago and 1500 miles out and plots it on Google Maps.

Google’s Fusion Tables is a place where you can store tons of data. You can then with couple of clicks visualize that data instantly on Google Maps or as Intensity Map. You can also view it as a Line, Bar, Pie, Scatter diagrams. Columns with locations are interpreted automatically, and you can adjust them directly […]

2010 starts with a whole bunch of new state laws which went into effect throughout United States. Some of the laws are serious and some not so serious. I have compiled few of these laws and mapped it out on Google Maps. If you know of any frivolous or serious state laws do let me […]

I am pleased to announce that I recently earned a new badge from Google – “Google Qualified JavaScript Maps Developer”. My name has now been added to Google’s new Qualified Developers directory which is a part of Google’s new Qualified Developer program. To get qualified one has to show proof of community participation, references, mashup […]