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So are you depressed today? I am depressed today because the outside temperature right now in the Detroit Metro area is (8 F and it feels like -3 F). It’s not going to be fun looking at the heat bill this month. The most Popular News Story at TIME.COM today is “The Most Depressing Day […]

British Airways Flight BA038 a Boeing 777 from Beijing, China to London,UK crash lands at Heathrow Airport (01/17/2008). This Google Maps view of Heathrow Airport shows the touch down location and the location where the aircraft finally stopped. Quoting BBC: All 136 passengers and 16 crew escaped from the British Airways flight BA038 from Beijing. […]

Google LatLong Blog has published a list of Google Fan Maps of popular TV Shows. These Maps show Key Locations from the Popular TV Shows. The List includes: Lost Fan Map: It includes all the places mentioned on the show Lost, such as where Sawyer grew up, the flight path of Oceanic 815, and the […]

Yesterday, I upgraded my IPhone to version 1.1.3. And with the upgrade a cool new feature was added to my IPhone. “Locate Me” has now been added to IPhone. It uses information from nearby wifi base stations and cell phone towers to pinpoint your location on Google Maps. Here’s an example – The image on […]

Kiplinger.com has come out with a list of 100 Best Values in Public Colleges. Click here for a Google Maps View of the 100 Best Values in Public Colleges. This Google Maps Mashup sorts the list by In State Rank, Out of State Rank, 4 year Graduation Rates, 6 year Graduation Rates, In State Cost, […]

Hitwise Blog is reporting that Google Maps is closing in on Mapquest. The Blog states US visits to Maps websites is up 10% year on year and MapQuest is still the leader, receiving more than half of all US visits to Maps websites last week. However, Google Maps is gaining fast. This was surprise to […]

The Pundits and Pollsters had predicted a easy victory for Barack Obama in New Hampshire and almost written off Hillary Clinton. They were wrong “BIG TIME”. Now Hillary Clinton is the “Comeback Kid”, the name New Hampshire gave her husband 16 years ago. What happened? According to Dick Morris, Fox News Contributor “She pretended to […]

Violence erupted in Kenya after incumbent Mwai Kibaki was declared winner of the country’s presidential elections that took place on December 27, 2007. Supporters of the opposition partywent on a rampage in several parts of the country which resulted in numerous deaths. There are folks out there who are attempting to chronicle the violence through […]

Last Night was a huge night for Barack Obama. He beat out Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in the IOWA Caucuses. Barack Obama has now a real shot at this. I checked out Wikipedia to trace Barack Obama’s journey from his birth place (Honolulu, Hawaii) to possibly the White House. I translated my findings from […]

Whatsopen.com has created a Google Maps Mashup of Businesses that are open. Its a Local Search + Hours of operation. Let’s say you are searching for coffee shops in a certain area, this mashup not only lists the coffee shop but also lets you know what coffee shops are currently open. Here’s a image showing […]