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Google Blog is reporting that Walt Disney World Resort in 3D, an interactive, virtual Walt Disney World has been completely recreated on Google Earth. This revolutionary project features 3D models of four Orlando theme parks and more than 20 of Disney’s Resort hotels. Incredible in scope — containing over 1,500 3D models — Walt Disney […]

Google Earth (version 4.3) has been updated with some great…great new features. One of them is “Lighting Effects” (day and night mode) which shows you the current position of the sun. And when you drag the time slider you can see how the sun progresses as the earth rotates. Check out this and the rest […]

Seero is a geobroadcasting platform that combines live and on-demand video with real-time GPS tracking. Users can embed maps into their blogs as and their Seero content in Google Maps and Google Earth. Seero automatically generates the KML feed so that a user’s new content will appear in their embedded map as they update it […]

Google Blog is reporting that Google has teamed up with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Starting at 1.00 am PST on December 24th you’ll be able to track Santa’s trip in real time. You can download Google Earth and add the NORAD Tracks Santa iGoogle gadget to your iGoogle page anytime, but make sure […]

Both LA Times and CNN is reporting that Flea who is a bassist for the group Red Hot Chili Pepper, has lost his home in Malibu Fires. Flea whose real name is Michael Balzary describes it this way – His home has been “Burnt to Crisp”. This home was up for sale and was listed […]

CNN is reporting that A fast-moving wildfire destroyed more than a dozen homes and was spreading through the canyons and hills above Malibu, California, today, forcing dozens of residents to flee ahead of the flames. Here’s a view in Google Earth of the General Vicinity of the Wildfires (location source: LAFD). (Also view in Google […]

Here’s a Google Maps Satellite view of World Map carved in Granite at General Motors Plaza, Detroit, MI (right by the Detroit River). This World Map shows (not visible on Google Maps) General Motors Facility Locations World Wide. Wait a second! If you think this is cool, then take a look at what folks in […]

Cyclone Sidr

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A Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Sidr, battered Bangladesh with wind speeds of up to 250 km/h, with gusts of 305 km/h. BBC is reporting that scores have died as the cyclone roared through Bangladesh Officials have warned that the death toll could rise and that the extent of the damage is still unclear. Here is […]

UPDATE: MAJOR AFTERSHOCKS REPORTED (CNN)A major earthquake of the magnitude of 7.7 has struck Northern Chile. There have been widespread damage reported (more at CNN and BBC). Here’s Google Earth View (also view in Google Maps) of the Pedro Galleguillos tunnel which collapsed and where atleast 50 people were trapped. The Pedro Galleguillos tunnel is […]

Google LatLong Blog reports that they (Google) have teamed up with My Wonderful World, a National Geographic-led campaign for geographic literacy, to give students, parents and geography enthusiasts a look at “Asia: Continent of Contrasts” during Geography Awareness Week. Held annually during the third week of November, Geography Awareness Week is an initiative to create […]