This page is a Weblog of the Google Maps Mashups I have created and other interesting mashups I have found on the web

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Millions of people from the Carolinas to New England in Eastern United States are getting ready for Hurricane Irene. So what are they saying on Twitter and from where. Here’s a look at some of the tweets in Google Earth. The tweets are being shown from within 700 miles radius from New York City. The […]

Millions of lives are at stake in the drought and famine in East Africa. The UN also declared an emergency humanitarian crisis throughout the Horn of Africa. So how is the world reacting? To find out I turned to Twitter to see who is tweeting about famine in Africa. I have mapped out the tweets […]

Last weekend I created a 3D fly thru tour of Detroit in Google Earth. Uploaded the tour to YouTube. Could not find a appropriate background audio so opted for airplane cabin sound. Here it is:

Check out this video of “Google Earth Climate Change Simulator” which shows effects of climate change. Its narrated by Al Gore. This video has been released to coincide with the upcoming UN climate change conference in Copenhagen. (via) Related: Also check out my map of Effects of Climate Change on US Coastal Cities

Check out this video I created of Detroit as seen in Google Earth. I loved the tour of Comerica Park and Tiger Stadiums which appear in the latter half of the video

Google Earth version 5.0 was released yesterday with some great new features which includes 3D view of Mars, ocean data (yes you now dive into the oceans). I looked at incredible 3D view of Mariana Trench (deepest point in the oceans). Then I dived into North Atlantic to look at where Titanic sank. There it […]

Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida is the site of today’s Super Bowl XLIII. Using a screen capture software I captured this video of Raymond James Stadium, as seen in Google Earth.

I plugged in the start and end location of the Barack Obama Inauguration parade route in “Google Earth Driving Simulator” and then screen captured it and uploaded it to YouTube. Here it is:

Couple of days back I had created a Google Earth version of Barack Obama’s Journey to White House. This mashup requires Google Earth Plugin. For those who have not downloaded Google Earth Plugin, I did a screen capture (video) of Barack Obama’s Journey. Here’s how it looks.

this beach house owned by swindler Bernie Madoff in Montauk (Google Earth View). (also view in Google Maps).(found at ValleyWag) and then you might end up here…