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FORBES recently published a list of world’s happiest countries. The scandinavian countries seem to be doing pretty good with Denmark being ranked #1 followed by Finland, Norway and Sweden. United States has been ranked #14 with 57% Thriving, 40% Struggling and 3% suffering. The list ranks 155 countries which have been Google Mapped here at […]

Forbes has published a list of Top 75 Business Schools in United States for 2009. Topping the List this year is Stanford University. I have mapped out this list on Google Maps. The information window above the marker contains the following information: Tuition, GMAT, Salary potential and years it would take you to recover the […]

Layoffs – 2009

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Total number of jobs lost in January 2009 adds to over 130,000 of which yesterday alone saw 70,000 jobs lost. Here’s a look on Google Maps, the location of corporations which are laying off employees. (Note: the data shown is sourced from Forbes and is for 2009).

Majority of my maps are US centric. Here’s one which relates to United Kingdom. Couple of weeks back Forbes came out with a post on most expensive postal codes in United Kingdom. Here it is and not in this life time will i be able to ever live in these Postal Codes. (BTW this mashup […]

Forbes takes a look at CEO’s who lose/gain millions in minutes. Forbes is reporting in a article published on (9/26/2008) The annual median household income in the U.S. is about $50,000. A band of 30 of America’s richest bosses lost that much money in less than two minutes last year. The rich get richer a […]

Forbes is out with its annual list of “America’s Hard Drinking Cities”. Topping the list this year is Austin, Texas. For a look at the Forbes’s 15 most drunk cities in United States check out this Google Maps Mashup. For each of the 15 cities I have also provided links for Pubs near that city, […]

Forbes is out with a list of “The World’s 25 Dirtiest Cities”. The dirties of them all is “Baku, Azerbaijan” with a index score of 27.6 (compared to New York city as a base with a index score of 100). Click here for a Google Maps View of “The World’s Dirties Cities”. Related: The World’s […]

The downturn in housing has also affected Hollywood’s rich and famous. Here’s a Google Maps Mashup showing some of the homes where prices had to be reduced substantially. Some have been sold and some are still sitting there to be sold. The data source for this Google Maps Mashup is Forbes. The Celebrities whose homes […]

So which cities are America’s Brightest Bulbs? Check out this Google Maps Mashup of Forbes List of America’s Smartest Cities. How did Forbes come up with this list? (all are college towns) To determine their rankings, FORBES used Sperling’s BestPlaces and compared the percentages of people ages 25 and up with at least a bachelor’s […]

Forbes has come out with a list of World’s Priciest Cocktails. The most expensive cocktail priced at $51,200 named “DAZZLE” is available at 2nd Floor Bar, Harvey Nichols, Manchester, U.K. For a Google Maps view of the DAZZLE and the rest of the priciest cocktails click here. What’s so great about “DAZZLE” This brew has […]