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Check out this image of flooded General Dewitt Spain Airport, Memphis, TN, taken on May 10, 2011 from 423 miles up in space by GeoEye’s IKONOS Satellite. Compare this with the pre-flooding Google Maps image shown below. WOW!! Pre-Flooding Image from Google Maps:

Queensland state in Australia has seen Historic Flooding in recent days with as much as 75% of the state being affected. Folks have been using Twitter to relay information on current conditions and also ask for help. I have created a Google Maps Mashup of tweets from the region. The map animates thru the latest […]

The Lake Delhi Dam in eastern Iowa failed on Saturday (7/24) as a result of “massive rain”. Approximately 10 inches of rain had fallen in a 12-hour period. The dam failure resulted in major flooding of nearby communities. CNN is reporting that as of late Saturday, water has started receding. (more at CNN). Here’s a […]