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Folks at Google have come up with a Google Election Results widget which can be embedded in your website or Blog. Click here to get the widget. For a timetable of expected results check out GoogleMapsMania. Here’s what it looks like:

TwitterVoterReport.com is a website where voters will be able to share their experiences and resources with one another (e.g. “#wait:120″ meaning that the wait time is 120 minutes). These messages will then be aggregated and mapped on Google Maps so that we can “see” voting problems around the country in real-time. A great team was […]

Going through my website Traffic stats I noticed that there were quite a few TV Stations which have embedded my Obama, Mccain, Biden and Palin Journey of Life maps on Google Maps. Here are some of the TV Stations: WILX – TV Lansing, MI WRDW.COM – Augusta, GA NBC – Madison, Wisconsin WOWT (NBC) – […]

A reminder that now you can view Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin Journey Maps as a Google Gadget or a Google Maps Mapplet. Here are the links: (Note: To stop the autoplay feature click on either the forward or back arrows) Gadgets for your website: Barack Obama’s Journey John McCain’s Journey Joe Biden’s Journey Sarah […]

Google has put up a page where you can find your voting location on Google Maps. In addition there are links on the page which provide you info on How to register to vote Get an absentee ballot Election website for your location For example if your address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C., this […]

Google has put together a “Election Tools for Educators” page for classroom teachers to engage students in exploring the candidates and issues before they cast their votes in the National Student/Parent Mock Election which is set to take place on October 30th, 2008. Tools for Classroom page also includes 4 of my “Journey of Life” […]

Did you watch Saturday Night Live? It was hilarious. Tina Fey looks so much like Sarah Palin. Last I checked on Twitter there were lot of folks talking about SNL. Check out who and from where folks are talking about Sarah Palin and Lipsticks and Saturday Night Live and other Presidential Candidates in this Mashup […]

Who is Sarah Palin?

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Sarah Palin the governor of Alaska has been picked by John McCain to be his Vice Presidential running mate. But who is Sarah Palin? Here’s a look at Sarah Palin’s life on Google Maps (source Wikipedia) from her birth place in Sand Point, Idaho to Dick Cheney’s House at Number One Observatory Circle, Washington D.C. […]

Los Angeles Times in their Business Section (07/01/2008) writes about Google’s Election 08 Gallery in a article titled “Mapping the road to the White House Google-Style”. The article displays a snapshot from my John McCain’s Journey of Life Google Maps Mashup. Additionally the article states that Maps can add a whole new layer of understanding […]

The Pundits and Pollsters had predicted a easy victory for Barack Obama in New Hampshire and almost written off Hillary Clinton. They were wrong “BIG TIME”. Now Hillary Clinton is the “Comeback Kid”, the name New Hampshire gave her husband 16 years ago. What happened? According to Dick Morris, Fox News Contributor “She pretended to […]