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Indonesia‚Äôs Mount Merapi volcano has been very active lately. It again erupted early on Saturday, spreading panic and raining ash more than 12 kilometers away. People living near the volcano in Central Java province are saying that the latest eruption was louder and stronger than the eruptions that killed 34 people on Tuesday. For latest […]

GeoEye has released this half-meter ground resolution satellite image taken on August 5th, 2010 from 423 miles in space, which shows a portion of Risalpur, located on the Kabul River in the Nowshera District in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province. The image was taken after Risalpur experienced historic flooding not seen since 1929. The image shows […]

With US dealing with its worst environmental disaster in history (Gulf Oil Spill), news comes of Mid West’s worst environmental disaster. Now Michigan is dealing with Oil Spill. Yesterday a oil pipeline ruptured in the Kalamazoo area, sending about 870,000 gallons of oil into a creek in Kalamazoo county which is making its way into […]

Its now over 2 months since the oil rig explosion in Gulf of Mexico which triggered the oil spill which which has still not stopped. Folks along the Gulf Coast are worried. Twitter is a great tool to gauge the reaction from folks in the area. Gulf Oil Tweet map was created couple of weeks […]

There is a lot of talk about the economic impact of the Gulf Oil Spill from the Deep Water Horizon oil rig explosion, which is of course valid. Congress is also having hearings in this matter, the president is flying to Gulf every other week, clean up crew is at work along the Gulf Coast, […]

Flash Floods in southwestern Arkansas triggered by heavy rains claimed 16 lives at Albert Pike Recreational Area in Quachita National Forest. The campgrounds were packed with families from Texas and Louisiana who were vacationing. The tragedy took place at dead of night when most of the people were sleeping. The campgrounds are along the banks […]

This is my 1st attempt in using Google Earth API to show the ocean floor. Here I try to show the approximate location of the source of the oil leak. I have couple of buttons at the top. There is a “Look Around” button which when clicked will move the camera around. Then there is […]

Here’s a map I put together of Geotagged YouTube Videos which show the reporting of the massive Gulf Oil Spill from various places in United States and elsewhere. There is forward and back buttons below the video which will take you to the next or previous videos.

The Gulf Oil Spill started with a explosion on April 20th and still has not stopped. Folks along the US Gulf Coast, Florida are worried as to what impact this will have on the region. Now there is talk that the gulf stream could carry the oil around the tip of Florida and up the […]

The Gulf Oil Leak which was caused by a April 20th explosion has still not been capped and the area affected is widening. The area affected is so huge that it can be clearly seen from up in space. Last week we saw NASA releasing a satellite imagery of the oil slick. Now GeoEye has […]