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If you ever felt the need for driving from Tokyo to Beijing, Google Maps has great driving directions available for you. There is just one problem. When you arrive at pacific coast in Southern Japan, Google Maps wants you to “Jet Ski” 782 km across Pacific Ocean to China. (#48 in the Directions List). Here […]

Imagine Kayaking 7906 miles across the pacific ocean. This is part of Google’s driving directions from Detroit, MI to Sydney, Australia. The way the GAS prices are skyrocketing, kayaking might not be such a bad idea 🙂

3 Friends from Utah started out on a journey from Vermont and ended up 106 hours later at 4 Corners (Place where UTAH, ARIZONA, NEW MEXICO AND COLORADO meet). What’s so great about this journey is that they touched all of the lower 48 states on this trip. Take a look at the map below […]