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If you ever felt the need for driving from Tokyo to Beijing, Google Maps has great driving directions available for you. There is just one problem. When you arrive at pacific coast in Southern Japan, Google Maps wants you to “Jet Ski” 782 km across Pacific Ocean to China. (#48 in the Directions List). Here […]

I have compiled a list of You Tube Videos from Beijing Olympics on Google Maps which are tagged either with location or Latitude/Longitude. This list pulls in the latest 60 videos:

Those smart folks from Google have come up with a GREAT Google Maps Mashup of Beijing 2008 Olympics.(via Google LatLong Blog) It’s a one-stop shop for viewing live updates from the Games, including up-to-date medal counts by country, events by date, and results by sport.

The amazing folks from Google Maps Team have created a great Google Maps Mashup which maps out the 130 Day journey of Olympic Torch from Greece to Beijing, China. Check it out here. (via Google LatLong) Then there is this little fellow (yours truly) who also created a similar mashup (back in May, 2007)

The Olympic Torch started its 130 Day International Journey yesterday from Beijing, China. Check out the journey of Olympic Torch from Beijing China on Google Maps. Watch the locations pop up on Google Maps every 5 seconds or you can disable/pause the Auto Play feature and click through the locations.