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Interesting look at Google Trends + Google Maps as it relates to searches for Ford Cars from various countries around the world. You can filter the data with Ford Model, countries, Years from 2004 till date.

The map shows top ten search cities for the selections made along with historical data so you can view how searches have changed over the years.

Thanks to GoogleMapsMania for mentioning this mashup.

Airport Tweets

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For past couple of days I have been looking at tweets from some of the airports. Its really fascinating to see these tweets. You get varied reactions in these tweets. Some folks are just plain happy to have landed back on home turf whereas some are not happy at flight delays. Check out this Google Maps Mashup of the tweets from the airports.

This is awesome!! On the heels of uprisings in Middle East .. here comes the news of Women in Saudi Arabia launching a campaign #women2drive where they are getting behind the wheels in defiance of official ban on female drivers.

Here’s a look on twitter and Google Maps as to what the campaign looks like in Saudi Arabia. It shows location of the tweets tagged with women2drive. It animates thru the latest tweets (the next tweet showing after 5 seconds).

Last week I created my 1st iPhone App on my own personal time. Since location and maps is always on my mind, this idea came to my mind that wouldn’t it be nice if your hand held device would be able to display the latest news from your current location (wherever in the world you may be??).

So I went about creating this iPhone App. Its a very simple App. It use Core Location Framework to get the location information (latitude/longitude). Once you have the coordinates then we make a call to MKReverseGeoCoder delegate methods to get the city state name. Once you have the city, state name then you build the URL to Google News dynamically and get the latest news.

So here’s what it looks like on my iPhone: (captured when driving thru Novi, MI)

So how are folks reacting on twitter to them being laid off or someone else who is laid off. Here’s a Twitter Map I created which shows exactly that. Select the regions (radio buttons) on the map which will show laid off tweets form that region.

Oh BTW I am independent now. So if you have a need for Google Maps/Twitter/YouTube Integration into your website .. let me know. I also am getting into creating iPhone applications using MapKit (including reverse geocoding).

Twitter is abuzz with what’s happening in New Delhi related to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s arrest who was on a hunger-strike demanding action on blackmoney. Here’s a Twitter Map I created which captures some of the anger, reaction related to this arrest. This map pulls in tweets from in and around New Delhi.

Joplin, Missouri got hit by a devastating Tornado yesterday which claimed upward of 89 lives and causing extensive damage. The tweets on this Google Earth mashup shows latest tweets tagged with “tornado” from within 700 miles radius from Joplin, Missouri. The map animates through latest tweets tagged with keyword “tornado”.

Check out this image of flooded General Dewitt Spain Airport, Memphis, TN, taken on May 10, 2011 from 423 miles up in space by GeoEye’s IKONOS Satellite. Compare this with the pre-flooding Google Maps image shown below. WOW!!

Pre-Flooding Image from Google Maps:

I just noticed that there is a 3D model of Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout in Google Earth. So wanted to share this with my readers. I created a video of the fly in to the Osama’s Hideout. Here it is:

Here’s a silly mashup which shows you how far you are from the World Trade Center, New York and Osama’s Hideout in Abbotabad, Pakistan. On initial load of the page the browser detects your location and shows you the distances. If your location cannot be detected then you can click anywhere on the map and it will show the distances from the location you clicked.