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I have decided to blog about my Google Maps/Earth Mashup related content at my personal site –> Virender Ajmani (http://www.virenderajmani.com). The mashups created by me though will still be hosted on this domain (mibazaar.com) for the time being.

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Check out this Google Maps Mashup I created which looks at Twitter mentions from across United States of Detroit Area Companies. The Detroit Area Companies which I added in this mashup are GM, Ford, Chrysler, Onstar, Compuware, Quicken Loans, Detroit Edison, Consumers Energy, Dominos Pizza, Little Caesars. 
You can make your Co. selection by clicking on the radio buttons at the side of the map and the map then animates thru the latest tweet mention of that company.

Check out my latest map “Whitney Houston’s journey of Life” on Google Maps. This map animates thru events in Whitney Houston’s life, from birth, school, grammy awards, super bowl appearance, concert at Norfolk Virginia for troops returning from Persian Gulf, and then her untimely death at Beverley Hills, California.

You can disable the autoplay mode by clicking on the arrows at lower left corner of the map.

I had created a Valentine’s Day Google Maps Mashup almost 4 years ago. At the time I used Yahoo Local API to get the data (It still works!! though for US only). Check it out.. just key in your location (city,state or zip code) and the map will show nearby Victoria’s Secrets, Lovers Lane, Movie Theaters, Florists..

Syria has been in the news a lot lately.. with civilian deaths resulting from Syrian uprising being reported on a daily basis. So what are people tweeting about situation in Syria?. Here’s a look at tweets on Google Maps from within 400 miles radius of Damascus, Syria. The map animates between tweets after every 4-5 seconds.


#SOPA Tweets Mapped!!

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Its a SOPA protest day here in United States. There are bunch of sites which have joined the protest. Among the sites protesting SOPA legislation is Wikipedia and Google.

There is a quite a bit of noise on Twitter about the ongoing SOPA protests. Take a look at this Google Maps Mashup of SOPA Tweets in United States. The map animates between the latest SOPA tweets from Eastern and Western United States.

Today January 16th is Martin Luther King Day in United States. Its a federal holiday here in United States celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday (January 15th, 1929). Martin Luther King Day is observed on 3rd Monday in January every year.

Here’s a “Martin Luther King” journey map which I created couple of years ago. It maps out important events in Martin Luther King’s life. The map automatically moves on to the next event in Rev. King’s life. You can however manually move forward/back by clicking on the arrows located at the bottom left on the map.

Kim Jong, the North Korean Leader died on Saturday. News of this death was announced to the world today. Ever since the announcement twitter has been abuzz about Kim Jong’s death. Here’s a look at Kim Jong tweets from around the world on Google Maps. Click on the radio buttons on the left of the map for a look at tweets from the region. The map animates thru the tweets after every 6 seconds.

Edmund Fitzgerald sank 36 years ago on November 10th, 1975 in Lake Superior. All 29 crew members lost their lives that day. I had created this Google Maps Mashup in 2009 which shows the exact location of the tragedy in Lake Superior along with hometowns of the mariners on Edmund Fitzgerald who died.

When the map first loads up it shows the location where the ship sank along with a video of the song from Gordon Lightfoot which is dedicated to Edmund Fitzgerald. There is a link above the video (“Click here for mariners hometown”) which when clicked shows the hometowns of mariners hometown. The information window above the mariner markers has a forward and back arrows which when clicked takes you to the next mariner location.

Happy Diwali to everyone. Here’s a look at “Happy Diwali” Tweets from India, Eastern/Western US and Europe mapped out on Google Maps. The Map animates thru the tweets after every 5-7 seconds.